Medigard Ltd (ASX-MGZ) is an innovative international company originally founded in 1999 and listed on the ASX in February 2004.

Based in Gold Coast Australia, Medigard has been active in Research and Development, patenting and licensing.

A focus on retractable safety devices for injection and blood collection led to a 2013 exclusive license agreement with Shanghai Sol-Millennium Medical Products Co to manufacture and distribute its BCD and Blood Flash Needle. 

SOL-MILLENNIUM Medical Group is a global healthcare company entity with offices throughout the world and dedicated to the research and development, manufacture and distribution of high quality medical devices that support best clinical practice whilst protecting healthcare workers (and their patients) from the risks associated with needlestick injury.

Medigard receives royalty payments from SOL-MILLENNIUM and continues to undertake R&D and product innovation in partnership with SOL-MILLENNIUM.

The Board of Medigard has also been investigating further avenues to have Medigard reach the heights that would reward stakeholders.

Medigard is presently undertaking a review of business and technology opportunities which could fit within the capabilities and aspirations of the Company’s stakeholders.

Medigard has maintained a prudent approach to investment and costs of its business innovation. At its core, Medigard has sought to serve patients and health professionals with safe and efficacious products that are cost-effective and innovative. Ideally new opportunities will be synergistic and logical extensions of the core values of the company.

About Medigard

Board of Directors

Chris Bishop - Chairman

- B.Sc. (University of Auckland), Ph.D. (Experimental Pathology) (University of Queensland) -
Dr Bishop is Managing Director of Intellidesign Pty Ltd, an electronic design and manufacturing company that specialises in sophisticated electronic products including precision medical instruments and mobile wireless communication devices. After an academic career, Dr Bishop joined Cook Australia where he helped establish and manage a research and management group and manufacturing division in products that today are still widely exported internationally.

He chairs the Board’s Finance Committee and is a member of the Audit and Risk Committee and the Nomination and Remuneration Committee.

Ian Dixon - Executive Director

- B. Eng (Mech) (Swinburne University), MBA (Swinburne University), PhD (Monash University) -
Dr Dixon is a Managing Director and owner of Altnia Group, a biotechnology company with a portfolio of human therapeutic products and technologies. Dr Dixon is also a non-executive Director of Noxopharm (ASX-NOX), founder of Cynata Inc (now Cynata Therapeutics Ltd ASX-CYP) and founder of Exopharm. Dr Dixon is a co-inventor of a number of technologies and was the head of the Invetech Product Group, a leading medical device development business. Dr Dixon has direct experience in product innovation, technology commercialisation, partnering and capital raising.

Don Channer - Non-Executive Director

- B.Eng (University of Queensland) -
Mr. Channer’s career of over 50 years has been one of building many and varied successful enterprises. Commencing his working life in his own engineering consultancy practice, he expanded that business into international civil contracting with clients including Government and major corporations in Australia and S.E Asia. Mr Channer is a director of several private companies. Mr. Channer is a member of the Nomination and Remuneration Committee and the Finance Committee.

Craig Cameron - Non-Executive Director

-B.Eng (University of Queensland)-
Craig has almost 30 years’ CEO and board experience in a broad range of industries working in the USA, Canada, Japan, Australia, New Zealand and the UK running start-ups, turnarounds and mature businesses in IT services, nutraceuticals, information technology, communications, healthcare, green tech and clean technology industries. Craig has been a material shareholder and CEO of five companies in the USA, Australia, New Zealand and the UK.

Patricia Boero - Financial Officer

- B.Bus., FCA. -
Mrs Boero is the former Principal of successful accounting practice. A Chartered accountant for over 30 years, Mrs Boero has a variety of interests and continues to work with a clientele comprising a range of companies and industries. Mrs Boero has been a member and advisor to several Not for Profit organizations and is a director of several private companies.

Products That Innovate.
Designed to Save Lives.

Aaron Rodd

Product Designer

- Dip.Civil Eng., Dip.Mech. Eng. -
Aaron Rodd is the company's design technical consultant. He holds Diplomas in both Civil and Mechanical Engineering with expertise in 'Computer Aided Design' software.

Mr Rodd has over 20 years experience in the Engineering Industry including international experience in Florida, USA, designing and fabricating complex injection moulded devices.

Mr Rodd has been instrumental not only in Medigard's design process, but in assisting in all aspects of product development.

Blood Collection Device


The Medigard Blood Collection Device (BCD) features inventive vacuum technology to capture the needle after blood has been collected.

This prevents needlestick injury by eliminating human contact with used needles. It avoids potential aerosoling, a dangerous spray of fluid getting into the air when the needle is retracted.

Medigard's unique BCD is easy to use and technically superior to other safety blood collection devices.

Flash Back Needle


Medigard has designed a Flash Back Needle as a complementary product for the BCD. The Flash Back Needle will be bundled with the BCD.

Flash back needles allow healthcare workers immediate visual confirmation of a successful venipuncture and are expected to become standard attachment for BCDs.

Investor Centre

Medigard Limited (ASX-MGZ) is an Australian listed life sciences company with a history of product innovation and commercialisation.

Company Overview

Medigard presently has 135,300,327 ordinary shares on issue.

Medigard Limited has issued a further 80,000,000 unlisted options to Dr. Ian Dixon as part of his remuneration as Executive Director.

Future Directions

At its core, Medigard has sought to serve patients and health professionals with safe and efficacious products that are cost-effective and innovative.

New opportunities being investigated by the company will be synergistic and logical extensions of the core values of the company and push into value-add products and/or services.



Executive Director